Friday, May 11, 2012

PIH Live House: Sizukaze & KIZUNA, Crowd Walking Idols

This next set of 5 lives we have started with the gloves off , first with Dorothy Little Happy scoring 5 with each vote ,they still need a few more votes to enter top 5 ,so please watch their live over the next three days and vote .

Tonight we are bringing to our outdoor stage Sizukaze & KIZUNA 

While Alice Juban stage dives, Sizukaze & KIZUNA  crowd walks and does so with a live backing rock band. In these ranks Sizukaze & KIZUNA is a steamrolling beast of energy, with some of the loudest and dedicated wotas in the genre.

While Alice Juban is better singers, the show that Sizukaze & KIZUNA puts on more than earns the cost of the tickets.

To have an idol trust her fans enough to let them lift her up in the lives to sing to the crowd and to crowd walk shows the level of connection the group has with their fans.

Plus any group that opens their show paying tribute to a mobile suit is getting on this site.

Just so you know Sizukaze is two members, KIZUNA [black/white shirts and skirts] is the other girls on stage

Voting will start when Candy opens the poll.


Crowd Walking Idols
[No peeking at the girls as they walk by]

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