Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Passpo☆ Adds Sister Group 'palet'!

Passpo☆ Adds Sister Group

In January Passpo☆ held auditions for new members, the results were eight finalists. In the end no one was selected to join as the idea to expand Passpo☆ was changed to stay the way it is. However the eight finalists went into the training program and will now debut as the group 'palet'!

'palet'! Will make their debut in June

Video from their auditions

Members who made the final 8 auditions
Kimijima Mitsuki [17] ,

Nagashima Mizuki [17]

Fujimoto Yui [17]

Hiraguchi Miyuki [17]

Takeda Saki [16]

Otsuka Hikaru [15]

Kimoto Mizuki [15]

Saionji Misa [14]

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