Saturday, May 19, 2012

Morning Musume to Add 11th Gen + Sayumi New Leader

Empress Sayumi

The other day in conversations between the staff ,I mentioned to them that i`d like to see Morning Musume return to the system that made them popular during their first five years and that was yearly new member additions ,this of course also went along with graduations. I explained my reasons to the staff and plans got underway to write a set of articles making the case for the addition of an 11th generation.

It seems that Tsunku-san also had this on his mind as well. On a night that saw Mitsui Aika and Niigaki Risa graduate and the crowning of  Michishige Sayumi as leader 
Tsunku-san announced that Morning Musume will be adding an 11th generation and signups have now started.

In regards to Sayumi ,If your surprised that she is leader , you shouldn`t be ,Sayumi was going to be leader to start with ,unless she didn`t want to be leader.Reina will follow her unless they graduate together , Fuku-chan will lead after Reina.

Michishige Sayumi said at the graduation concert, that she did have some worries, but will do her best and asked the crowd for their support. While Reina was not officially named sub-leader, she is expected to work beside Sayumi to provide needed support and scoldings.

In regards to how Sayumi will view other “rival” groups, she recently said in an interview

Q. Idol groups have been multiplying rapidly. How does Morning Musume intend to fight on?
A: They call it the Warring States Period for Idols, but rather than fighting anyone, I'd like to go forward by showing everyone all of Musume's good points. Like when I watch Momoiro Clover Z I can't help but want to support them, so I don't really want to forget that feeling. I love watching idols, and in the end that becomes a way for me to study.

Following this announcement Tsunku-san announced the addition of the 11th generation. The audition is called “Morning Musume 11Ki Member ‘Suppin Utahime’ Audition!!”
Tsunku-san said that the reason that the 11th generation was going to be added was the following.

“I decided on this audition to make Morning Musume fresher. To liven up the group with this new member[s]. I want Morning Musume to beat other girl groups!”

Has Tsunku-san seen the same fire that I have in 9th and 10th generation, that same feeling we once had in 1998-2002?

There is specialness with the 9th and 10th generation, which has long been missing in Morning Musume, Look for Sayumi and Reina to bring the best out of them.


  1. I love Sayumi but I thought Reina would also make a good leader.

  2. Reina will most likely graduate with Sayu. Mizuki will likely be next leader .But yeah if Reina stays she will be a great leader.


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