Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TYB48 Part 2

When Candy introduced everyone to TYB48 we didn`t have a performance video to go with it, now that their activities have started we do.

Outside of the fact they are connected to a “Dental Beauty Salon” in which the dentist looks more like a member of Visual Kei band or your butler ,then a dentist [yes this place has a theme to it] ,it still comes down to the fact that however you dress it up it`s still just an idol group.

I can overlook this “Dental Beauty Salon” fang, twisted teeth concept, I mean who  among us has not had a soft spot for a girl with fangs trying her best to sing on key.

After all this is idol genre and we are trained to overlook a lot ,from off key singing ,to circus tent costumes, dating scandals , to teeth , all for the heart warming and undying support we give to our favorite idol and the enjoyment in her entertainment she gives in return .

Candy`s post explaining the groups concept

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