Monday, May 28, 2012

Station: Double Station

Station the railroad theme idols have released two videos ,showing their love for all things train. So to review in the Idol genre we can now take Station`s train to the airport to catch Passpo`s plane and we have another idol group that will clean your office.

]PV[ Station - Let's Go Tetsudo Idol... by makino-tsukushi

[PV] Station - Susume(ススメ。) -20.04... by makino-tsukushi


  1. I'm happy you shared Station's stuff! I'm a huge Station fan and go to their weekly concerts. They are such a fantastic group, and a great bunch of girls to talk to.

    I write a weekly report about them on my blog (linked in my user name above). If you have any more questions about Station, let me know!

    1. I have not had the time to see Station live yet , but it`s on my to do list .So many idol lives ,so little time .

      I`ve been wanting to write more about them ,but short staffed and getting everyone fair coverage is not easy at times .

      I like station ,just wished I had more time to devote to every group each day.

      I`ll do my best to get them on more often, but I make no promises .

  2. i hire CLEAR's to clean my place anytime... man they are super pretty... Station PV's look good, those japanese trains are way beyond ours


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