Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekly Poll #4

 It's Monday again, which means it's time to view the results of the weekly poll!

The Question was (Submitted by CiaoMcFly ) Who is your favorite member of Dempagumi.inc?

1st Place- Furukawa Mirin (Mirin) 9 votes (39%)

2nd Place- Yumemi Nemu (Nemukyun) 4 votes (17%)

Aizawa Risa (Memesama) and Naruse Eimi (Eitaso) both tied for Third Place with
3 votes (13%)

Mogami Moga (Moga) and Fujisaki Ayane (Pinky) both tied for Fourth Place with 2 votes (8%)

Since Dempagumi is a relatively unknown group, I didn't expect much people to participate in the poll. In total, 23 people voted.

 Don't forget, you can send in your weekly poll. I'm running out of questions! To find put how, click the weekly polls tab at the top of the page

Sorry, Weekly poll #4 will be up on Tuesday instead of Today.

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