Wednesday, July 6, 2011

NMB48 Sells 400,000 In A Week

NMB48 Sells 400,000 In A Week

If this is a sign of things to come, then NMB48 just may well be the next “Super Idol” group. Keep in mind as you read on I opened by saying If ,there is a big leap of faith to declare a unit a “Super Idol” and I am not there yet.

NMB48 has teamed with Kobeya for a snack bread collaboration. This NMB48 snack bread sold 400,000 bread packages in a single week.

The packaging has different NMB48 member’s photos on the cover. Each member  represents a different type  bread: Caramel Melon bread has  Yamamoto Sayaka, Milk Whip and Custard bread has Watanabe Miyuki, and Strawberry and Milk Whip bread has Yamada Nana to name a few .

NMB48 has yet to release their debut single and already have a major variety show in Tokyo set to air and major product and group promotional campaigns are well underway.

Is the ground being prepared for NMB48 to be the next “Super Idol” group?

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