Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Bloomers For NMB48

No Bloomers For NMB48

Back when NMB48 was preparing to release their debut single, they issued a bold challenge. This challenge was if their single did not rank #1 for the week on Oricon, they would wear gym bloomers at their concerts.

“Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo” finished the week at 218,000 and at #1 so “No Bloomers For NMB48 “

The members in a press event shared their opinions on the results

Team N’s captain, Yamamoto Sayaka
“Since it is something we promised to the public, I am astonished that we were actually able to top the charts.”

“This accomplishment is all because of our fans and our seniors who have made the 48 group name so big.  Even though we are powerless right now, we want to, as NMB48, to continue to grow so that we can keep up with our seniors.”

Yamada Nana
“I am really happy that we got first place and we don’t have to wear any bloomers. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.”

Watanabe Miyuki
I want to continue to do our best so that people will recognize our ranking so please back us up.”

You would think in some weird sick kind of way wotas would want to see their idols in bloomers, but you see here is were that thinking is wrong. When it comes to matters of idol pride and difficult challenges, wotas feel that it is their duty to go to the ends of the earth to support their idol in her mission. The relationship between wotas and idols is such that one  will always need the other to reach certain goals.

This accomplishment was no easy task, while NMB48 outsold sold everyone by a comfortable margin, they did so by defeating   the powerhouse unit Tohoshinki [TVXQ] single “Superstar”. I tip my cap to NMB48 for reaching their goal.

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  1. "I am astonished that we were actually able to top the charts.”

    Why are you so surprised Sayaka? Anything that's related to the 48 groups will sell... NMB deserves #1 because the song is very catchy! However, I'm sure even HKT48's debut will be #1 even If the song and PV are terrible. Why? because again, AKB is what's popular and anything related will sell well as long as their still popular. It's kind of unfair right? They can release something so horrible, so un-catchy but still do well.


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