Monday, July 25, 2011

DiVA: Cry

DiVA: Cry

If there was any AKB48 Sub unit that could leave AKB48 as members for good and be fine as their own fulltime unit it`s DiVA. At first look this unit didn`t even look like members of AKB48 and if I didn`t know better, I would have taken several double looks.

I know in some circles AKB48 gets a lot of hot air blown at them for their vocal abilities or at times lack of. There is nothing to fear here from this release.

This track is one that leaves me thinking the what if they didn`t have AKB48 duties ,how far could this unit go as a fulltime recording and touring unit ,complete with their own TV show. It`s clear this unit is blessed by the Avex touch.

DiVA “Cry” is one track that if you are an idol collector you want to have in your collection.

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  1. i love them. this is the only thing about AKB48 that i absolutly love. i don't want them to change and i hope that the girls AkiP wants to add don't bring them down.


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