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This time I am leaving the world of idols for a cool rock-pop band.

Over at Avex is a band that I think is worth checking out called JURIAN BEAT CRISIS.
JURIAN BEAT CRISIS or JURIBE for short is actually the stage name of seventeen-year-old singer Kawakami Juria. Juria who is from Hokkaido took up the name after joining Avex in 2009. Juria, by the way was motivated to start singing to break her issues with shyness. Thankfully, she was able to overcome those issues and create this great band.

One of the things that I like about this band besides their music is their aggressive promotions coming out of their debut. Starting with their debut at the 2009 A-Nation concert series, were JURIAN BEAT CRISIS as it is officially written performed their first single “Go! Let's Go!” the band quickly followed with 11 more singles [all digital] in the next 11 months ,giving them 12 singles in 12 months . This was followed up with a full-length album that featured a 14 song CD and a 14 song DVD. So for buying the album you had the choice of the CD only version with all 12 digital singles and 2 bonus tracks or a CD-DVD combination, which gave you the same songs but also 14 videos.
It`s not often that you find a fresh band offering so much so soon.

JURIBE is defiantly and artist and band to keep a watch on as they are off to a strong start. If you are a fan of the band Lindberg, then this band is for you as they are the masterminds behind this band and JURIBE carries that similar sound and style.

A few of their releases.


Single #2 Hurricane Love

Single #3 Lonely Flight

The band has the official theme song for this years High School Baseball Championships

While all their singles are post worthy, it would not be fair to her or the band to post them all, while she is still active in this one post. I can tell you that the CD is worth the time to pick it up and have everything.

This band works very hard and are just growing their fan base, I am sure they would be glad to have you as a new fan.

While, I am tempted to preview all the singles, I will close this preview with a few special items.

JURIBE at A-Nation 2010

If you have never heard of Lindberg the producers of JURIAN BEAT CRISIS

Lindberg from 1991

Music is a wonderful thing and if it helps overcome shyness and deliver a great band, then it`s a double bonus. If you are a fan of rock music JURIAN BEAT CRISIS is worth checking out, you will not be sorry.


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