Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces Vol #5

[Photo-Ricotta Veil ,Official image group for this series]

This is the fifth volume of the Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces series and of all the groups in these first five volumes there is one unit, which I think has the greatest chance to be a major force in the future, if they choose to ,that will get a lot of time in this post. In addition, there is one unit at the end of this post that has grabbed my attention with their music and harmonies that may not be far behind. Because those two units are getting special extended coverage,there is only three units this volume .

The unit, which I think, has the greatest chance to be a major force in the future, if they choose to is Hoshikage.

Hoshikage is a sister unit to d-trance, Starmarie, and several more that I have yet to debut. Hoshikage belongs to a company that has several groups and soloists ,sort of a mini H!P for a lack of better terms.

They are some of the better singers on this level and are very active as a unit with 11 live events just in the July-August period scheduled so far. That is about average for them . 15-20 lives in a two-month period is the normal work load for a very active unit . After all very few of these groups are on monthly salaries ,so they have to earn the hard way everything they make.

I am giving Hoshikage the main feature spot in this piece today with several videos ,so that you can get a better understanding of why I think this could be the next breakout artist . With Hoshikage ,I ask that you preview all the releases before passing judgment as each one shows just how talented and under the radar, this unit is.

Please enjoy volume 5 .

2011 Releases
This is their current single

2010 Releases

Home Page

Space Girls Planet
They should get an award just for their name .

SGP Youtube with more videos


Mary Angel

Is the second unit that I mentioned in my opening .
This group is not flashy as dancers ,just a very solid singing group.

Their HP is listed on this Video

This series is open ended ,Ryo and I are taking it one day at a time . This level of the genre is much like Visual Kei ,it lives in it`s own little world and could care less if the 48`s out sold H!P this month . It`s truly a wonderful level to discover ,to be a part of and it`s not really a bad place to be ,because your free to be group you want to be.

Stay tuned for part 6 and a round about connection to Ricotta Veil that I previewed in an earlier volume.

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  1. Wow, I really like Space Girls Planet AND Hoshikage!! Thanks for sharing, I've been favorite-ing videos and downloading stuff ever since I popped on PIH today! I still have to watch all the Mary Angel videos, but it's dinner time lol. Please keep the Fresh Faces coming!

  2. O M G! I just realized!! Hoshikage performed at Tokyo Idol Festival 2010!! I was going through the PVs you have listed and I got to the 2nd to last (一万年の孤悲) and knew the song instantly!!! I love it! YAY!

  3. Omg, I am in love with hoshikage. I love their laid back type of songs, I love the girl's voice who sang first in the first video~ I'm their new fan!

  4. Space Girls Planet song is so good


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