Friday, July 22, 2011

NMB48 Boku ga Maketa Natsu ,Mattemashita, Shingakki PVs

Fresh off their 131,000 + number one single day ranking NMB48have released two more videos for their debut singles coupling tracks.

The first PV is for “Boku ga Maketa Natsu”!

It`s a cute and simple PV , not sure if the wet T-shirt moment a couple have is a good idea for girls this age , but it`s safe somewhat or the removing of one’s top [she has a swimsuit on] .It seems NMB48 are not wasting anytime when it comes to fan service.

NMB48 白組 僕が負けた夏 by tennis720

PV #2 is for Mattemashita, Shingakki“!

NMB48 赤組 待ってました、新学期 by tennis720

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