Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eguchi Aimi Stolen

Eguchi Aimi Stolen

Just when you thought this what is the continuing point of this CGI Idol drama could not get any stranger, it got stranger.

When you go to AKB48`s theater there is a wall of member framed photos for you to admire .Well it seems that there was a “break in” at the theater and only one item was taken .Would you care to guess what was “stolen” ? 

If you guessed it was Eguchi Aimi`s photo then your a winner .That’s right, the “thief” did not go after the entire collection, he went after the one member who is not real.

The management of AKB48 issued the following statement.

“We could easily make a new photo. It just does not have any meaning if that is done. Until now, not one wall-mounted picture has been stolen, that’s ‘proof’ that the theater and fans have such a strong relationship,”

AKB48 theater officials are not planning to press charges and only ask that in their words the “regret stricken fan, simply return the photo” and all will be forgiven.

Given that this has made the mainstream media, leaves a few things to consider.

If this is a real life thief how must the living members of AKB48 feel today, knowing that, a CGI idol is worth more to steal then you. If this was an in-house media event ,the question is why continue to promote a CGI Idol ,when you have an entire roster of living idols promoting tons of goods everyday. I mean the girls are coming out with a bra campaign; you are in the media spotlight dozens of times everyday.

Say, what you want about AKB48, this crazy CGI Idol madness, Akimoto knows how to do one thing better then every other idol company. That is make units the biggest names in history. He has taken Onyanko Club and now AKB48 to levels other groups have not been and it`s safe to say any future project will be more of the same.

What ever the outcome of this story Eguchi Aimi has given AKB48  a few more days of free press coverage and that is worth many more times then a wall photo.

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