Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eguchi Aimi Performs Live At Seibu Dome

Eguchi Aimi Performs Live At Seibu Dome

CG Idol Eguchi Aimi, made her “Realife” AKB48 debut on July 24 by taking the stage as part of AKB48`s three night 90,000 fan ‘Yossha~Ikuzo~! In Seibu Dome’ concert series.

Eguchi took the stage in person with several members of AKB48 to start her career by performing her CM song “Ice no Kuchizuke”, leaving fans to wonder, “Hey wait a minute Aimi-chan is a CGI idol, what gives here”.

At the end of the concert, Takahashi Minami addressed the crowd about their newest member. Takahashi said, “I have to expose the truth about this, Aimi-chan is really kenkyuusei member Sasaki Yukari. To accomplish her role today Yukari put on prosthetic make up to make herself into Eguchi Aimi”

Takahashi concluded the announcement by saying “Please continue to take care of Aimi-chan and AKB48.”


  1. everybody knows is a CGI idol so why keep trying to confuse people? also poor girl that performed with that make up, wonder how much time required just to put it on.

  2. @anonymous
    I completely agree with you, poor girl... Making her pretend to be aimi, really?
    This whole eguchi aimi thing is getting way out of hand. At first, it was a cute little idea, but now, it's just kind of sad.

  3. She's a pretty girl but they butchered her there. :|


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