Monday, July 18, 2011

Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces Vol #4

 [Photo Ricotta Veil ,official image group for this series]
Time now for a fresh batch of fresh idols, for you to get a sneak preview of. This time I have 6 for you to give a try .They are Aminchu Girl ,Pinkish ,d-trance ,Cocoro Colon ,MMJ ,OS☆U .Some previews are full TV shows .

Aminchu Girl [Shiga Prefecture] アミンチュ Girl
All the girls are between 10-19 yrs old and known for their angelic voices.
They are owned by a TV station in Shiga

Pinkish [Saitama Prefecture]

Parts 2 ,3,

One of the hardest working Indies with over 100 concerts a year
The group has 4 members, but very little video is out of the 4 member lineup [Even with 4 members, for the most part only one sings]

Cocoro Colon [Nagano Prefecture]
[The PV is not in good quality , but the song is good

MMJ [Went to the same school as Musume`s Riho]
[Not even going to get into or defend their AKB Influences, readers can choose to accept these influenced units or not as there are many and not going away.] The thing that may hurt them the most is the group is 20-24 in age, so they may end up being just the top unit in Hiroshima. [Ryo plans a feature on them at some point]

OS☆U[Osu Super Idol Unit]

Even if you call yourself Super Idol Unit ,the road to Morning Musume`s level is a long one.

As I said in the past there is TV events for groups that are not in the top of the Oricon battles .

[9 min mark ,it says a lot when wotas hide their heads in shame ,just watch the bunch behind the wota who shows off for TV]

Parts 2to 4 can be found here

[If you would like to see any of these groups featured at a later time , pop their name or names in the comments area.]

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  1. Yay! Pinkish, D-trance, Cocoro colon! I love them all! I always come to PIH looking for idols I know and ones I don't.

  2. I like d-trance and Cocoro colon! MMJ isn't even that bad. At least they had the decency to use their own song! That is their song right? Or is it an AKB song that I haven't heard before?

  3. @ Candy ,They have their own songs and songwriter .They started out as MMJ48 and in some ways at first was more like AKB cosplay at festivals but has since become a regular unit with their own record contract and releases. They still do AKB stuff ,in fact just about every Indie does AKB,H!P, songs .

    They also have a USTREAM Channel that I forgot to include.

  4. any idea where i can listen D-trance "STAY" complete? doesn't matter if is live or not... i'm trying to give it listen since like forever but fail

  5. @ Shura
    I didn`t see it anywhere, when setting up the post, however I`ll watch for it and if I run up on it, I`ll post it.


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