Monday, July 11, 2011

Fresh Idols -BiS: Controversy And New Member

BiS: Controversy And New Member

I have been waiting for the perfect time to introduce this unit. I guess when you create controversy by releasing a PV simulating having no clothes on and welcome a new member is a good time.

Imagine this if you will. You are a member of a brand new Idol unit and you want to make your mark on the industry, so what idea do you come up with? Release a PV with the group simulating having no clothes by wearing flesh colored costumes , creative filming and a pasty or six. If you decide to do that, then you just maybe a member of BiS.

BiS “Brand-new idol Society“ who have taken and turned the idol world on it`s head with their controversial PV “My Ixxx” ,formed in January and made their debut in February ,then released a debut album in March are the idea of  group leader,  Indies solo pop-rock performer Pour Lui .

The original lineup featured Hirano Nozomi, Yokoyama Rina, Pour Lui and Nakayama Yukiko are unlike any idol unit on the scene today.

BiS are somewhat rebels as they do not conform to the traditional idol stereotypes. Instead, they are wacky, controversial and use You Tube as their main promotional outlet.

BiS has made it, a habit of breaking every possible idol stereotype rule you can imagine ranging from extreme hard rock head banging ,tongue piercings , fan service through member’s not so idol like kissing each other during their live performances to eyebrow raising tributes to other groups.

This out of the box rebellious idol style has created for BiS a balance of stirring up controversy with music that`s actually pretty solid and  worth checking out.

Look for BiS to continue causing a stir in the idol music circles. With their hands-on approach to their image and activities, erratic, idol rock performances and unpolished routines. BiS screams long live the Do-it -yourself Idols with every move they make . BiS is what the Indies represent "freedom" to do your own thing ,without a big label saying no.

Fresh on the heels of the video controversy BiS has added a new 4th member.

On July 9 20 yr old,  Terashima Yufu was added as the new 4th member, one day after her birthday.
In addition to their regular live house events Yufu and BiS will be performing at the “Guru Guru Mawaru 2011” rock festival and on August 3 will hold their own festival called “BiS Festival”


You Tube

I know that some fans complain that H!P PV`s are cheap ,they really are not .
Welcome to the world of Indie PV`s shot with a budget that pays for AKB48`s Kleenex boxes .

These PV were filmed before the new member Yufu joined to replace a graduating member.

This first PV has everything ,dancing idols ,wotas as cameramen ,little red riding idol and a baby wolf who goes under the skirt for fan service .

Idols that will clean poles

If you are wondering, which member is the leader who created this madness of rebel Idol

Tribute to Russian Head banging Pop

News Report on their lives

For idol fans screaming were is the originality today ,here it is in all it`s glory.
Is it all that you dreamed of, lol.


  1. Pour lui means for him/because of him; in French.

  2. EFFEN YEAH BiS rocks... too bad rinahamu isn't with the group anymore

  3. really? i thought she was the cutest member.

  4. Her name is actually Terashima Yufu (written 寺嶋由芙 in kanji prior to her debut with BiS).

  5. Most of the time I don`t mess up my own language. After rechecking you are right.

    Anyway, thanks for getting me to double check will fix it .


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