Monday, July 18, 2011

PASSPO☆ Put Yukki`s Hair On The Line For #1 Single.

PASSPO☆ Put Yukki`s Hair on the line For #1 Single.

PASSPO☆ has made a very bold and dangerous pledge at a recent press conference, that if their second major single does not go number one there will be a  group penalty. Leader Negishi Ai announced that the unit aims to reach number one with their upcoming single “ViVitto Natsu Shichatte IindeSKY?! Moreover, if they fail, the results will be “Yukki will go bald!” [Fujimoto Yukimi], that is right PASSPO☆ if they fail at least Yukki if not all the members, will go bald.

For her part, Yukki declared “I like the bald style, but if I were to go bald, I don’t think the agency will agree… Don’t worry; we’re going to be number one!” Careful now sub-leader that is a very big challenge you are tossing out as you are releasing on the same day as AKB48.

PASSPO☆ as a group also declared their long-term goal is to be the same level as the Japanese Woman's football team [Soccer],the  newly crown world champions and be known and active around the world.

When asked about their recent performance in France the members who call their fans passengers and concert venues airports remarked, “There were many passengers at the airport, and they put stickers of us on our t-shirts. We felt a different kind of love than we experience in Japan.”

As to the true meaning behind that bald challenge, you will have to wait until August 24 to discover.

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  1. thats even more reason for them to get to number 1. NO one would want to see any of the girls go bald.


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