Sunday, July 17, 2011

Afilia Saga East: A Must Watch Idol TV Experience

Afilia Saga East: A Must Watch Idol TV Experience

Seems like forever since I had the chance to write about Afilia Saga East .Well Hello!Project producer Tsunku who has recently started to become more and more involved with Afilia Saga East ,invited them to be a part of his TV show "TsunTube" .

Also on this episode is The Possible, the stage is set at around the three minute mark, when Afilia decide to take over the show and run wild.

The Possible at first look like they want to be any place but here ,while ASE turn into kindergarten kids .

I will say this for ASE when they decide to take over a TV show, they know how to do it and in the Indie ranks, they are one of the best in show hijacking.

If more units acted like ASE who at one point staged their own ambush of The Possible and other acts of foolishness, the idol world would be a much better place.

It was in fact ASE ambush of The Possible at the 10-minute mark that got The Possible to decide to show up and when they do ASE takes the battle to them complete with supply troops to keep the ammunition in this case toy balls flying at The Possible.

This is must watch idol TV even if you don`t support the two groups, just to watch ASE show how “evil & cute” maid cafe idols can be, lol.

Please sit down and enjoy the show as ASE take over TsunTube if you have some free time.

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  1. ASE are so cute and bubbley but are really evil.

  2. i love everything about ASE, i'm sure the possible learned something from them


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