Friday, July 22, 2011


Sea☆A has released the DREAM SHOOTER PV making video ,It`s just under 10 minutes and gives you a look at the sometimes fun, sometimes boring world of making PV`s .What it does not show you is the 18 hours it often takes to film a PV [this is were the boring parts of PV shoots come, lol]

Your first is always fun, because you don`t really know anything, lol and this short clip shows the group enjoying their PV debut, camera flirting and a lot  more goodness.



  1. Wow they pretty cute.... anyone notice they can perfectly pronunciation/enunciate broken words or anything like that (unlike many other groups ...AKB48... not saying its bad or anything(its very cute when they speak broken English) but they do it so often XD) .... i was surprise.... i think im going 2 go watch the pv of this now cause the song was pretty good and the fact that they can speak so well impresses me =)

  2. ^their English is fairly good because 80% of singapore speaks English, though more people actually speak Chinese more than English.

    Thanks for the video! I'm getting more and more interested in sea a. I listen to jpop and jpop, but no other east Asian groups. I should expand my interests, starting with sea a


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