Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces Vol #6

[Photo-Ricotta Veil ,Official image group for this series]

Osaka has as many idols as Tokyo ,in the first five volumes I have shown you Tokyo, Osaka,Hiroshima ,other cities and several units from Eastern Prefectures ,now it`s time for some more Osaka -Kansai Idols and a trip to Western Japan.

If you recall at the end of the fifth series ,I said that part 6 would have a connection to Ricotta Veil.

Here is the first connection. If you remember the video for Ricotta Veil performing a street live in one of the earlier previews ,there was a girl in the upper left behind the group ,dressed like an Idol ,watching the group perform.

Well that girl is a member of the first group in this preview .Connection #2 is this group ,Mary Angel ,Ricotta Veil are from Osaka-Kansai and often perform at the same lives.

Keep in mind when viewing any group in this series  that Indies do their own songs , covers of top singles on the charts ,classic songs ,anime songs and it`s normal ,legal . Many groups create their own dances ,tempo changes to fit their style to cover songs . I respect the groups that actually sing their covers and not just pretend they are AKB or who ever. The very reason CDs include instrumentals is for groups to use the track for covers and for auditions. The artist gets a royalty payment so it`s all good. They are not trying to be anything but themselves.

First up

[Mini live]


Pastel Color

The Milk


Leaving Osaka-Kansai, we head west to Okayama

[This unit does their own songs, plus pop covers that are not from the 48`s or H!P as part of their live , but they have a full album worth of originals] They have been active since 2010. They also have a very cool web site that’s worth watching .Even if you pass on this group ,go watch their web site .Don`t click anything on their web site just let it play for 5-10 minutes

Youtube Channel


HR [Hakata Reboot ] Fukuoka
I actually covered this group last year when they had their debut ,but they only had covers of H!P and AKB on a news clip. They were to be Fukuoka`s answer to AKB48 , but Aki-P has decided to put his own group there it seems . It remains to be seen if this theater unit can last with Aki-P`s invasion of Hakata coming. If they don`t it`s a shame because they had an entire island they could rule.

Speaking of Fukuoka . The local Indies are not going down without a fight with HKT48 and Aki-P. Five local units have stepped up to face them .

Fresh Faces will preview the Fukuoka idols in the future.

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  1. Aw I like S-Qty a lot! They're cute and pretty good! I really like their song 'Chansu no kamisama' ~ And their website is pretty sweet.

  2. love S-Qty... Yui Ogawa reminds me a lot to Sengoku from H!P/UFA or whatever (not sure why)

    btw S-Qty web "HOME" works at all?


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