Monday, July 25, 2011

Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces Vol #7


QunQun is set up like AKB48, with a main unit, secondary unit and
trainees. But this were the similarities end, this is not an AKB48
clone, it`s just an idol group that uses a formation system. One of many
After all, it is not a system that AKB48 invented they just made it

There is very little performance video of this unit as it is fresh
out of the box brand new.
So brand new, that if it was a new car, it still have that new car
smell. However. Here is a special look at this unit with their
Internet program

They are very active on their streaming channel, almost everyday
they have broadcast

Internet Show

Live @ QunQun [their version of Ustream]
[This has several segments ,when one ends

there is a pause while they set up the next location . Imagine
running around H!P Compound visiting everybody. [RELATED SHOW]


This 28-member unit includes two members named Alice and Angela
Akiyama, yes as your thinking, they are related and 1/2 Japanese and
they have their version of Yaguchi Mari [watch video #2 for that
joke] . In addition, just like QunQun they still have that new car
smell having made their debut on April 17.
LinQ is an alternate spelling of their name “Love in Kyushu” .LinQ
[pronounced Link] is a Fukuoka regional idol dedicated to promoting
themselves in Fukuoka and Kyushu Island while uplifting the hearts
and, the spirits of everyone in Kyushu.

LinQ was created on February 27 in Fukuoka through an audition that
was attended by 1,162 young idol hopefuls aged 12-24. That number by
the way is on the high side for Independents, there are units that
have been created with as few as 19 auditioning for 10 positions.
LinQ managed to select their final roster from this audition and
made their debut on April 17. In June, they released their debut

LinQ Iphone

LinQ has a Youtube channel, with previews



CQC`s! Is a nine member Fukuoka unit who range between the age of
Profile and live video.

Single PV`s

Related Links

Note- This unit has a number of related Fukuoka Variety show
videos on Y.T. that is easy to find.

Rev. From DVL
This 26 member is a Hakata based unit that has been active since


Seishun joshi gakuen

This unit’s Japanese name translates to Youth Girls Academy and they
made their debut in 2010 with 30 members.





NOTE- Ryo mentioned to me about doing some follow ups on the last three units  ,so watch for that in the future.

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