Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Idol Spotlight ; Ricotta Veil ,Sweet Ricotta, Mercy Lapin,

Ricotta Veil
Ricotta Veil is a three member Kansai based unit, whose theme is idol princesses [The Young Princesses]. Ricotta Veil members are Hasegawa Risa [21], Ito Ayami [19] and Kobayashi Miki [17].

As a unit these princess idols have only been around since spring of 2010 and have one single and perform a number of popular cover songs at lives. Given their short time as a unit ,they are very active in the Kansai media market.

As individual idols, the three have also been active in the Kansai area for sometime doing product endorsements, child acting and other TV work, along with some modeling.

Ricotta Veil depend on information releases through their individual blogs and through a growing local cult fan following. Interestingly while this unit is still a new and growing unit, they have managed thanks to their YouTube postings to start to pick up a following in such places as Eastern Europe and Latin America with their videos being reposted in various video media outlets.

One of the great things about this genre is also it`s most difficult at times .You see the idol genre has many more times the number of independents then majors , and always will and limiting yourself to just the 48`s and other major media groups is missing out on the true heart of the genre ,the independents.

These hard working idols are truly some of the best-kept secrets in the genre and it takes time,to follow to get the most out of this branch of the genre.

Ricotta Veil is just another one of these wonderful little secrets, that is worth taking the time to get to know.

Ricotta Veil idol princesses and idol treasure.

Debut Single "I`M PRINCESS"

Miki  is also in another unit called Sweet Ricotta

Risa and Ayami are also in a two member unit called Mercy Lapin

Ricotta Veil TYP Program

Ricotta Veil + SKETCH [90 Minute Program]

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Footnote- The members as several others in Kansai also work under the group name KISS x KISS  .Several we have already previewed are also members of  that group.

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