Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tokyo Idol Festival 2011

Tokyo Idol Festival 2011

It`s that time of the year again, when the idol world below the 48`s and H!P come together with over 30 idol units[final lineup should be near 50] for a multi day Idol festival  [Wota Heaven] .

The first lineups are out and is tradition the main acts get first billing .

Idoling!!!, Sakura Gakuin, The Possible, SUPER☆GiRLS, Tokyo Joshiryu, Vanilla Beans, Fudanjuku, Passpo☆, and YGA.

This year’s theme is “Eco & Smile” and will be an eco-friendly festival ,while bringing more need to the sufferers of the Tohoku Earthquake.

To live up to this theme power will come from private generators and there will be disaster relief projects that the idols will undertake.

One light hearted moment took place during the press conference when Sakura Gakuin`s Mizuno Yui was asked a difficult question , however the ever smiling idol stepped up to the situation and answered with “I’ll ask my teacher,” and ran over to their manager.

The developing lineup can be found on the home page below .

The festival will kickoff at Shinagawa Yoshimoto Prince Theater  on August 24,25,26 and will continue on August 27 and 28


NOTE- PIH may do a special on the TIF  ,if time allows


  1. lol Wota Heaven is a perfect way to explain this... wonder if Afilia Saga will have more participation that last year :\ and also lol is tsunku relaunching the possible or what

  2. I am so incredibly excited about this! I'm very happy to see some groups from last year (Sakura Gakuin, S☆G, Fudanjuku), but seeing that THE Possible and Tokyo Girls' Style are attending too?! Fabulous. I wonder if Yosuke of Fudanjuku will attend before graduating?


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