Friday, November 12, 2010

SUPER☆GiRLS Get Major Debut Covers ,Track List

SUPER☆GiRLS Get Major Debut Covers, Track List

AVEX Idol group SUPER☆GiRLS will be releasing their debut album "Chouzetsu Shoujo” on December 22 and AVEX has released the covers and track listing.

The covers are nicely done and come in the standard type A, B, and Regular editions.

Type A

Type B


Track Listing
1. Welcome to ♥ S☆G Show!!
2. NIJIIRO Starー☆
3. Kira・Pure・POWER!
4. Yume no Inryoku
5. Rokkyu Okyakusama★〜 Kimi ga Kureta Akashi〜
6. Egao ga Porori
7. Tokimeki Shoku no Kaze to Kimi
8. Niji Shoku Daiya~Super Girls no theme~
9. Renai Rule
10. NIJIIRO Namida
11. Be with you
12. Miracle ga Tommanai!
13. Kizuna Days
14. Be with you

"Miracle ga Tommanai!" will be the first single and PV off the album.

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