Thursday, November 11, 2010

AKB48 19th Single News

AKB48 19th Single News

The release information for AKB48`s 19th single recently came out .This is if you remember the Janken winners single and it is loaded with AKB48 goodness ,to make sure it will sell.

The single is called “Chance no Junban” [(My) Turn by Chance] and will be used as the theme for their PSP game “AKB 1/48 Idol to Koishitara…”

The coupling track is the 7-Eleven campaign track “Yoyaku Shita Christmas”.

However, wait there is more; the single will come in the traditional Type A, B, editions with the new edition Type K and the AKB48 tradition of theatre version.

Type A will feature Team A coupling track Kurumi to Dialogue
Type K will feature Team K coupling track ALIVE
Type B will feature Team B coupling track Love Jump
Theatre will feature Team Kenkyuusei coupling track Fruits Snow

There will also be a DVD digest included of the Janken Tournament. The DVD is in three parts and to get the complete version you must buy each of the A, K, B, types of the CD.

If that is not enough to get you to buy the single all three types will include a lottery application postcard to attend a talk and handshake event with 3~4 members from the new Senbatsu selection.

One of the reasons that AKB48 has become so popular along with the other 48`s is not that their songs are modern as well as their PV ,it`s that fans feel they get a better quality purchase then other groups with several songs with PV , other goods . Each AKB or any 48 group single offers their fans something different, from sub units, coupling track PV to fan goods.

“Chance no Junban” will be released on December 8


  1. I knew it. And that name indicates a happy/victory song. lol. I love it. I didn't know the versions would have different coupling tracks... I got team A version, but now I'm afraid team B coupling track will be the best one...

  2. In some ways they have made it a competition to see which team is the strongest.

    I like Yuki ,so my vote is Team B


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