Friday, November 12, 2010

Chisato The Dancing Queen

[Updated #3 Dance ,Nov 12]

Chisato The Dancing Queen

One of the in things right now is for girls to create Nico Nico and You Tube dance videos .Nearly every one of these “dance idols” wear a mask to hide their identity from viewers, stalkers and so on. This has resulted in creating a cult following and an air of mystery surrounding the dancer. Often some go on to sign contracts with agencies ,while others reach the point of video stardom that they remove their masks and continue to perform for their fans.

Well it is not only amateurs and idol hopefuls creating videos, °C-ute`s Okai Chisato has now gotten into the act.

Check out the latest from C-ute`s “Dancing Queen”


If your a fan and have a Youtube account be sure to leave her comments, she was asked by a media outlet on her dance challenge and said the following.

“Youtube is watched all over the world. I have read the comments and so many of those wrote them are from different countries. It made me so happy… it makes me glad I did this challenge.”


  1. I love both videos! Chisato is just awesome, I really think she's grown a lot over the years and it really shows in the PVs. I can't say much about the concerts... I've only seen some of the older ones, and she's already awesome in those too...Hahahah~ "XD I'll have to say I'm really biased when it comes to Chisato :P

  2. she must do another dances for songs outside C-ute


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