Friday, November 5, 2010

SUPER☆GiRLS Start Free Live Tour

SUPER☆GiRLS Start Free Live Tour

Up and coming AVEX Idol group SUPER☆GiRLS have started a free event tour to support their December 22 debut album release “Chouzetsu Shoujo.

The tour will be stopping at outdoor plazas in the Itoyokado and Ario stores across Japan.

Passing shoppers will be treated to a mini live and MC events .The MC events when possible will be hosted by a member from the region.

For Kanagawa Shimura Rika served as MC and she offered up trivia about the Kanagawa area to the rest of the members and audience.

Following the mini live and MC events, a special store was set up, for fans to buy limited edition goods; .The goods are limited to the first 300 buyers at each location.

When asked about their upcoming release, the members expressed their excitement for the opportunity and Akita Eri said, “I will use all my power to work hard and grow!”

Itoyokado presents SUPER☆GiRLS Major Debut Kettei!

Ai ni Ikutte Yakusoku Shita Kara, Hontou ni Ai ni Kichaimashita 2010 Aki。

Novemver 3rd -Kanagawa -Ario

November 6th – Chiba – Ario Soga

November 7th – Saitama – Itoyokado Misato Store

November 13th – Chiba – Itoyokado Makuhari Store (Seven Farm Harvest Festival )

November 14th – Hokkaido – Itoyokado Fukuzumi

November 27th – Aichi – Itoyokado Owariasahi

November 28th – Osaka – Ario Otori

December 4th – Tokyo – Ario Nishiarai

December 5th – Tokyo – Ario Kitasuna

In Related News
SUPER☆GiRLS are teaming up with Nanaco to release a special pre-paid debit card that can be used at 7-Eleven stores across Japan.  SUPER☆GiRLS will be featured as the image on the front of the cards.

The cards will be available at the following location events December 4th Ario Nishiarai event and the December 5th Ario Kitasuna

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