Tuesday, November 2, 2010

AKB48 Beginner, Best 10 Ever [New Records Set]


Updated First Week Totals

AKB48 Beginner, Best 10 Ever [New Records Set]

AKB48 once again sits on top of the female idol world, as “Beginner” and it`s near 830,000 opening week [Oricon reports the topping out at 827,000 for week 1] have captured a number of records.

With each single, AKB48`s capturing of records grows more impressive. “Beginner” treasure chest of records includes the following.

AKB48 had the highest first week sales totals of any female group in history by passing SPEED's "ALL MY TRUE LOVE" which was released 12 years ago.
They became the third highest sales total for the first week by a female artist. Falling in just behind Utada Hikaru's "Addicted To You" (1999/11 release) with 1068k, Amuro Namie's "CAN YOU CELEBRATE?" (1997/2 Release) with 828k.

First female artist to sell 500k first week for 3 singles consecutively ,while Hamasaki Ayumi holds the record with 25 consecutive #1 singles , AKB48 with “Beginner” has achieved their 5th consecutive #1 single .

“Beginner” also become the group’s third consecutive 500,000 + first week single.

In addition, if that was not impressive enough for you as of this writing AKB48 and “Beginner” currently sit at #9 on the top ten first week sales totals in history. If “Beginning manages to reach 830,000 they will move to #8.

“Beginner” impressive run ,is also being viewed as a sign of market turn around for physical singles as the current year income for singles is up by 105.6% from this time last year.

With what looks like a strong return by consumers for physical CDs, is there any record that is safe from the hands of AKB48 in 2011?

AKB48 Has signed an endorsement deal with 7-Eleven to promote nationally AKB48 member produced Christmas Cakes.

Updated First Week Totals

01 826,989 AKB48
02 *38,815 ポルノグラフィティ
03 *23,358 少女時代
05 *11,944 The ROOTLESS
06 *11,139 Lia
07 *11,020 GRANRODEO
08 *10,129 NYC
09 **8,562 BUMP OF CHICKEN
10 **7,922 清木場俊介
11 7,800 嵐
12 7,624 ClariS
13 7,336 むてん娘。 [Morning Musume as Muten Musume]
14 6,603 EXILE
15 6,359 LM.C

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