Monday, November 22, 2010

AKB48 Member Ranking Results

AKB48 Member Ranking Results
AKB48 was a part of a mobile ranking by Goo and NTT .This ranking was how many members of AKB48 do you know the names and faces of without looking them up type rankings.

40,365 people took part and the rankings were not surprising to me, so I thought that I would share them here as well.

1. 1~5 Members – (18,336 votes)

2. 6~10 Members – (8,271 votes)

3. None – (5,925 votes)

4. 11~20 Members – (3,490 votes)

5. Over 21 Members – (2,598 votes)

6. All Members – (993 votes)

7. All Members Including Graduated Ones – (752 votes)


  1. Did that poll say who was the most reconised member? but i know who it is as well.

  2. Kira, no just those options listed .I think you really have to get into that top 10-20 group to stand out in AKB .You can see that with how the girls react to the elections .

  3. im not into AKB... XD
    i only know the funny ones...

    oshima mai, sayaka and mayu... and oshima mai and takamina (is she in AKB ?? or ske ?? i dun get that akb ske sdn thing...)

  4. @ Road K.

    Takamina is a main member of AKB48. On their TV shows not all the members are from AKB, some are SKE48 members and some are trainees for AKB.

    AKB48 is based in Tokyo, SKE48 in Nagoya, NMB48 in Osaka, they are all sister groups, much like the members of H!P .There are two main differences between them and H!P.

    1. Any member of a 48 group can perform with AKB , so that would be like saying any member of Berryz and C-ute can be on a Musume single and be a Musume .Their fans vote for who can get on the singles .

    2. The 48`s are signed to individual talent management agencies , meaning they are actors and models ,just as much as they are singers. In fact more so ,many of them are in films and dramas ranging from Kaman Rider to primetime dramas in leading roles .

    Takamina also co-hosts a music show on TV.

    SDN48 is the older sister to the other groups , much like the OG members are to Musume. SDN48 has members 21 to 33 yrs old with avg age of 25-28. They are a full time unit , with concerts and singles and TV shows.

  5. hmzz lol i get it .. a little bit xD
    hmzz i know yuko plays often in dramas...
    and i know takamina is a cohost for mujack..

    lol that all i knew XD
    oh maybe i know mayu had a photoshoot with airi xD...

    ok lol thats really EVERYTHING i know bout the AKB members.. xD lol


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