Wednesday, November 17, 2010

AKB48 19th Single Radio Previews Team K

One of the great things about AKB48 is how they promote; it has gone a long way in making them without question the top female idol group." Beginner" is not even a month old and has reached 915,945 sales and promotions for the 19th single are in full force.

Yesterday I presented the main single "Chance no Junban" and the Team B coupling track "Love Jump" today it is Team K "ALIVE" and it is "ALIVE" fans .Team K brings to the table an up-tempo rock track ."ALIVE" is strong enough to be a lead track for any group.

With powerful supporting tracks, the management team of AKB48 have stacked the deck to make sure that the Janken single follows it`s sister singles in strong sales.

I am not going to say that this single will top "Beginner" however; the stage is being set for AKB48 to continue their record-breaking pace.


For those of you who missed yesterday`s preview of the main single here it is again.
PS- Based on the members blog reports the PV for this single is going to be outstanding .
Sorry no spoilers. AKB48 fans , your girls will do you proud with this release.

TPYE K version of the single.
TYPE K Cover


01.Chance no Junban
02.Yoyaku shita Christmas
03. ALIVE(song:team K)
04.Chance no Junban off vocal ver.
05.Yoyaku shita Christmas off vocal ver.
06.ALIVE off vocal ver.

01.Chance no Junban MUSIC CLIP
02.Yoyaku shita Christmas MUSIC CLIP
04.19th single Senbatsu Janken Taikai Documentary video(Part 2)

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After getting her N`s and E`s right our loveable Suzuki Mariya is back in a "Here we go again" episode .
Yeah you guessed it , she spelled the single "Bigenner" .Those mean N`s and E`s.
Keep fighting Mariyannu 8th time is the winner.

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