Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SDN48 #1 Debut

SDN48 #1 Debut

Yesterday was the international release day [Japan & Korea] for SDN48 debut single “GAGAGA” In Japan the single entered the charts at an impressive #1 with sales of 34,348 .Not bad for a group that is starting their group career over the traditional Idol debut age of 12-15 . These experienced veterans, show that  the 25 year “grandma idol” cut off age, is a thing of the past

The single has a modern JPOP feel with a hint of KPOP

Coupling tracks

Eros no Trigger (Eros’ Trigger)

Sado e Wataru e (Crossing Over To Sado)

Who says you cannot touch an idol

Not sure what is funnier the video or the Youtube comments

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