Monday, November 15, 2010

°C-ute : Aitai Lonely Christmas PV

°C-ute : Aitai Lonely Christmas PV

Coming on the heels of °C-ute member Okai Chisato becoming an overnight Youtube dance queen ,°C-ute yesterday released their 14th single PV “Aitai Lonely Christmas”
“Aitai Lonely Christmas” is a holiday single .

“Aitai Lonely Christmas” is a good song ,that is finding it`s self being pushed to the side as Chisato`s dance challenge and her record 100,000 views in two days and 1 million in total has been the buzz for media this cycle.

If your a fan of °C-ute “Aitai Lonely Christmas” is worth picking up.

“Aitai Lonely Christmas” hits the stores on December 1

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  1. Love the song.. It being Christmas, I thought it could've been merrier.. but who am I to complain? The girls all look ready for winter! :D

    I'm really liking C-ute a lot more these days.. This song had an even distribution of lines, and the girls all worked their lines well. :)

    The MV's simple but still very nice, your typical Hello! Project PV, really :P


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