Saturday, November 27, 2010

Momoiro Clover Make MMA Predictions + Reni Unwell? .

Momoiro Clover Make MMA Predictions + Reni Unwell? .

This is a short video of Clover making their predictions on an upcoming MMA fight card. If you notice, Reni is looking unwell here. Recent news has come out of a questionable event done by Universal Records Japan.

It`s well known in the idol industry that idols face a weight limit to be active in most cases , not all mind you ,but a number of agencies have this rule.

The idol weight formula is traditionally this (Height -100) x0.9 ,however Universal reduced that to point 0.8 .For example Momoka`s “Idol weight” is this 147cm-100×0.8=37.6kg ,her last reported weight was 32.2kg

As part of this foolish media stunt, they weighed the members in public, everyone but Reni was under their “idol weight” Reni was 0.8 over and was ordered to cut weight and retake the test in two months.

When you look at her summer pictures to now, there is a noticeable difference in her face and weight .Enough for me to think there maybe something is not right with Reni.

Idols are under a tremendous amount of pressure to live up to these fantasy world expectations the industry has created for them. Publicly humiliating your talent is not something that should be a part of this industry.

I do not know if Reni is sick, however the signs are starting to point to her not reacting to that event in a healthy way. Reni is the oldest member and in the old idol rules, her days are considered less then her members .It doesn`t make it right, it`s just how it is. That alone is enough pressure to trigger unhealthy reactions.

Before the public test

After the test

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  1. omg akarin's hair.. !!!!
    its too short >_<

    anyways i agree.. reni doesnt look healthy..
    shes WAAAAY TOO THIN....

    but roflol @ momoclo hanging on that dude xD


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