Thursday, November 11, 2010

Momoiro Clover: Kimi to Seki


Momoiro Clover: Kimi to Seki

Back in October Momoiro Clover released their latest single "Pinky Jones" included in the single was two other A-Side singles.

One of those coupling A-Sides was Kimi to Seki. Kimi to Seki takes the unit in a new and maybe not so pleasing direction for some fans and for others it`s a walk down "fan service" road.

In “Kimi to Sekai”, we have Momoiro Clover dressed in leather motorcycle outfits and “bad girl” styled hair and eating ice cream in suggestive shots . Overall, the video is just "fan service" , that depending on how you view "fan service" is a cute video or not so much.

I left off that they are selling their TV show on DVD


  1. Oow, they're definitely aiming high.
    I think it's still conservative in some way, but I don't know if I'd let my daughter do that ( in case I had one. )
    They are too young to be making those expressions...
    It looks cool though.

  2. @lebird
    They are mostly under the age of fifteen!! the makeup makes them look old. the directors probably had a blast filming it! I really don't get what the vid has i common with the song. im sorry but its way too much.

  3. reni is 17...
    akari is 15.. th rest are 15 or younger...

    but i agree.... i think theyre a bit too young for them to do this...

    ROFLOL 1:04 though xD HAHAHA

    akari looks better without that make up.... and when she has her hair down.... really cute

  4. @ Road k.
    1:04 LOL, and yeah they are young i mean even berryz k. they are older but have'nt even thought of the idea probably. but I have to admit the vid made me laugh.

  5. @ jennyluvsmusic07
    lol yea not only berryz.. i mean.. even momusu doesnt have something like this ...
    or AKB... (well idk actually xD i dunnow akb that well xD)

    but lol our point is clear.. xD theyre just too young haha ^^

    though pinky jones... the song and mv is fun... xD
    but lol i went to take a look what anime it was for... xD

    thats also a no go........ xD


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