Saturday, November 6, 2010

AKB48 It`s Good To Be “Janken Queen”

AKB48 It`s Good To Be “Janken Queen”

AKB48 “Janken Queen” Uchida Mayumi has been cast to appear in the upcoming LGMonkees`s PV “Life feat.Noa“. Uchida will compete with LGMonkees in a “Janken” game.

LGMonkees is a singer that has yet to show his face ,instead his videos has his monkey face logo covering his own face .

Can the “Janken Queen” keep her win streak going and take down another opponent?

In other news
AKB48 Idols You Can Meet
This is a news clip on the large crowds that AKB48 draw to handshake events. One girl shows off her 80-handshake event tickets she got from the CDs she purchased.
The crowd featured ,Guys,Girls of many ages as well as cosplay fans.

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