Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SUPER☆GiRLS: Debut Campaign

SUPER☆GiRLS: Debut Campaign

SUPER☆GiRLS have started a major record store campaign to support their December 22 debut album release, “Chouzetsu Shoujo“.

At TSUTAYA stores, they have been added to list of “Idol Festival” artists for 2010/2011. Their promotion will be that whenever a customer buys a CD from one of the idols on the list, they will be entered to win a SUPER☆GiRLS alarm clock. Only five of these will be available.

At HMV the group will appear in their free paper , “HMV the music & movie master“ ,they will also have their special online page and if you buy the album you can enter a lottery to win a handwritten Valentine’s Day card from their favorite member! To top it all off, they will be a part of the “HMV Idol Gakuen” campaign that will feature an exhibit in each HMV store of handwritten comment cards from the idols.

At Shinseido, you have a chance for autographed nameplates from the idol group along with a photo set where they each wore member their own name sign .12 will be given away. Five fans will have a chance to win an autographed photo set.

At Mu-mo, a special live event with the group will be held.

At Yamano and Tower a special live event with the group will be held

I cannot speak for everyone; however, I can name a few groups that could learn from the new idols coming up about marketing.

With promotions starting a month before their debut release, SUPER☆GiRLS look set to have a strong debut.

Debut PV

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