Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Momoiro Clover on MJ

Momoiro Clover on MJ

Momoiro Clover made another trip to Music Japan to perform their new single “Pinky Jones” .Backstage before the performance Clover entertained the members of Perfume with Kanako`s flexibility skills.

Momoiro Clover is growing into a wonderful idol unit. Do not be surprised if they are the next group to have a breakout single. I really think the best is yet to come from this group.

1 comment:

    i like akari's short hair...
    she looks really cute @ their webstream thing..
    and i like shiori's hair like this more than her bangs :/

    also really like the first line of the song... the line kanako sings

    love kanako's spin and kick in the dance :D

    >_< !!! i love kanako.... i love this song....i love their outfits....i love momoclo... i love everybody... >_< !!! xD hahaha


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