Monday, November 15, 2010

Manaminorisa New Single Release: Polaris

Manaminorisa New Single Release: Polaris

Manaminorisa are returning with a new single called “Polaris / Sentimental Riot” and it will be released on the same day as Morning Musume and SKE48`s releases November 17.

Currently there is no PV preview and it is unlikely to be one until after the release as this is common for lesser-known groups and Indies.

So as we wait for a PV for those who picked up their CD from my earlier introduction of this up and coming group, I have done the next best thing, a mini live.

To pickup the new single

Mini Live

[Note This concert was longer then these clips ,the second half ,will be a partner post ,so 18 videos will not be in one post]


  1. Damn, I wish I had known about this earlier.
    I have too many pending orders. No way I'll be able to buy it yet this year.
    Their lives are SO good, and it's the only 3 member group around. I really, really hope they make it to the charts at least.

  2. lebird, I was late in checking them this time. They are improving with each performance and they are singing 100% live, in venues with bad sound at times. Even with that, they put on a lively performance.


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