Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SUPER☆GiRLS: Miracle ga Tommanai! PV [Special Release]


SUPER☆GiRLS have released their debut single Miracle ga Tommanai! Through USTREAM, .The release came at the end of a mini live handshake event that was aired through their official channel.
SUPER☆GiRLS are regular users of that service and worth keeping in your links file. Only down side is that they do not keep their archive footage for a long time.

As for the video it`s your standard idol PV of the H!P standards that is a mix of close-ups and group shots , with CGI artwork .If you remember the gave up on H!P Taiwan unit Ice-cream Musume`s debut PV ,AVEX has followed that pattern some.

SUPER☆GiRLS are not blessed with the best singers in the world , yet that has never been a requirement for JPOP Idol genre .The industry has a number of weak singers and their success speaks for themselves.

What they do have is idol cuteness and a vocal mix of talent that blends well into a pleasing viewing and listening experience.

Hard to say how long this special release will be up, so if your interested in this group , check it out ,while you can .You won’t be disappointed in the overall single.

Player Note
[The video screen if black does not mean it`s deleted like with you tube .The picture will display when you select to play. All videos now play on this site for easy viewing]



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