Wednesday, November 24, 2010

AKB48 Members Create A Wafer Chocolate.

AKB48 Members Create A Wafer Chocolate.

If you go into any 7-Eleven stores in Japan, you will see an AKB48 section that has all of their latest related endorsements, member designed snack cakes and so on.

Well AKB48 member have taken out their color markers, note pads and imaginations to create a new product line. This time the girls have created a wafer chocolate line called “AKB48 Wafer Choco” .Each package will feature collector cards. There are three versions of the wafer each designed by the individual teams, “Team A Wafer Chocó“,” Team K Wafer Choco” and “Team B Wafer Choco.”

Each team will have 18 different cards to collect, to collect the entire set it will take 54 cards at ¥105 a wafer choco package.

“AKB48 Wafer Choco” will go on sale on November 25 only at 7-Eleven stores.

I wonder which team makes the best wafer choco.

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