Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Indie Idol Groups Battle For Major Label Debut

Indie Idol Groups Battle For Major Label Debut

Ten Indie Idol groups are set to battle it out for major label fame, under the watchful eyes of talent management Horipro and television network Tokyo MX. This battle is called the "U.M.U Award 2010," and the competition will pit local idols from around the country against each other for the chance to make their major label debut.

You maybe asking yourself, what does a major talent management agency like Horipro have to do with ten unknown idol groups, locked in a pitch battle for a major label debut.

Well the answer is simple outside of being the sponsor, several of the unit’s members are under contract to Horipro and some even have a much bigger idol job as members of Idoling!!!

[Several of the Idoling!!! members also perform in regional idol groups owned by their talent management firms”]

For the most part the girls in these groups are simply looking for a chance to break out of their local and regional strong holds, to national fame.

Thanks to Horipro and the television network Tokyo MX, one lucky group will get that chance.

The final round of the audition is scheduled for December 27 at the Galaxy Theatre in Tennozu Isle, Tokyo.

Currently six groups have been selected, they are

* Ringo Musume (Aomori)
* Negicco (Niigata)
* Pieace (Saitama)
* Mira Maria (Tokyo)
* Nagoya Meibutsu! Aijou Iinkai (Aichi)
* PixyChicks (Nara)

Three more units will be announced later and the 10th and final unit will come from the "JUMP UP!! ~IDOL Pro Ama Battle Royale~" competition being held the day before the finals (December 26)

Ringo Musume
“Also known as Apple Maidens ,Apple Daughters”


This is a group that PIH has on our watch list for sometime now ,for a possible new add.


[members are from Idoling!!!]

Nagoya Meibutsu! Aijou Iinkai

Pixy Chicks



  1. What an awesome post.
    Thanks for this article and all the links.
    I'm gonna need time to assimilate all of this.

  2. You are welcome, Negicco is very good .They are active in Tokyo already and have a good chance to win this.

  3. Ringo Musume reminded me of Country Musume (their first and second singles, maybe.)
    I don't know if something so mellow would sell, but I liked it.
    I used to LOVE Mira in Idolling. It would be cool if they released something major. I see they have released a CD this november. I wonder what type of music it was.
    Negicco is not actually my favorite but it has the prettiest members imo.


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