Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SUPER☆GiRLS Previews

SUPER☆GiRLS Previews

SUPER☆GiRLS as mentioned here in the past will be releasing their debut album Chouzetsu Shoujo” on December 22 and up to this point ,little video has been released by AVEX in regards to their singing skills.

Below are a few previews of their recent performances and training .

SUPER☆GiRLS are currently on a free ticket mall tour and have recently signed an endorsement deal with 7-Eleven stores across Japan.

Toyokado presents SUPER?GiRLS Major Debut Kettei!

Ai ni Ikutte Yakusoku Shita Kara, Hontou ni Ai ni Kichaimashita 2010 Aki?

Novemver 3rd -Kanagawa -Ario

November 6th – Chiba – Ario Soga

November 7th – Saitama – Itoyokado Misato Store

November 13th – Chiba – Itoyokado Makuhari Store (Seven Farm Harvest Festival )

November 14th – Hokkaido – Itoyokado Fukuzumi

November 27th – Aichi – Itoyokado Owariasahi

November 28th – Osaka – Ario Otori

December 4th – Tokyo – Ario Nishiarai

December 5th – Tokyo – Ario Kitasuna



  1. Thanks for the update on Super Girls. I always find it extremely difficult to find their videos. XD

  2. You are welcome, there is not a lot out on them yet.


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