Saturday, December 17, 2011

E-Girls , Buono!,NO3B,

E-Girls , Buono!,NO3B,

E-Girls the Dream, Happiness ,FLOWER super group have released their video for Celebration
Two things that stands out to me is that these groups may have the best legs in JPop and the video features signature dance movements made famous by the three groups.
With groups this size the trick is always line distribution and harmonies and both are done well here .
The PV is your traditional idol dance and close-up format ,however the costume colors add a nice touch to a standard PV.
“Celebration!” will be released on December 28

celebration by Bored4Lyfe

Buono! Hataukoi Cider
It`s really hard to say anything bad about this group as they always seem to get the better written songs in H!P ,yet are not major sellers .Name brand says a lot and if you were to give any H!P group song to Morning Musume it would sale up to Musume standards.
Overall this is a good song with a so-so PV .The setting is just too simple and dull for my tastes .I`d like the PV better is the setting was different ,after watching E-Girls this PV style just looks plain and Indies compared to E-Girls celebration. I would have liked to have seen more from a company of this level. Good song ,less impressed by the PV

NO3B Pedicure Day

The 48`s always seem to have the great songwriters .I know that people give the 48`s a hard time and makeup a number of excuses to justify their reasons .However the groups are simply very talented and NO3B is no different than the other 48`s a very solid group.

Pedicure Day like Buno! Single is a good song with a simple PV .The PV fits the theme of the song ,however I guess because I am a guy ,I find myself closing my eyes and listening to the song . Again I guess because I am a guy the PV doesn`t really make me want to rush out and buy the single.
With that said ,if I close my eyes or forget about the video and focus on the song ,the song alone is strong enough to send me to the store and grab a copy.

If you’re a fan of any of these groups make sure that you order a copy of the singles .Music videos are just the reflections of the songs .What may click for one viewer may not for another .
In the end it comes down to the music . The best support that any fan can give an artist is to buy their products ,attend their concerts and turn new fans to support them.
All three of these releases are worth putting on your shopping list.


  1. Celebration sounds like something that I would hear from Rhythmic, I don't know why.
    Anyways, I like it. The girls look gorgeous and the choreography was well executed.
    I hope this can open the doors for all three groups. It pains me to see how underrate they are.

  2. Dream, Happiness and FLOWER all have the tools to be on the level of EXILE . I think it will come in time.

  3. just FYI, E-Girls aren't idols!

  4. The use of the word is to reference a video style not the genre of the groups.

  5. then why are you even considering E-Girls as idols? huh?? don't compare them to those useless idols please~


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