Saturday, December 31, 2011

PIH Idol Awards 2011

Welcome to the first annual Pure Idol Heart Readers Choice Idol Awards.

2011 was a strong year for idol groups with independent groups debuting almost daily and new units rising up to join the majors. In determining which groups should be a part of this debut awards a lot of difficult decisions had to be made in reaching the final selections. Now we place the group’s or video success for award gold in your hands and present the 2011 “Pure Idol Heart Readers Choice Idol Awards”.

For the next two weeks you can cast one vote in each category and you the readers of Pure Idol Heart votes will decide the winners. Please vote the group or video that best reflects their work for the category that they are nominated for in 2011.

Thank you for participating.


  1. For me DLH, BiS and ASE are equally in my underrated ranking, they deserve more main stream tihs 2012.

    Oh and too bad Best Improvement one have so few options.

    ps: is that Pureful in the background?

  2. Yes it is, we are going to rotate Indie groups out every few months as background
    Your right Shura we should have added more like best Independent, who would you suggest as more most improved ads? Next year we will make the voting for the entire month of December maybe and more options .This is kind of a test balloon.
    Oh will be posting the new Tsuntube shortly great night for ASE.

    Oh Happy New Year to you ,always good to read your comments.

  3. Happy New Year guys.I was going to vote,but haven't decided yet.Momoclo Z are my favourite and most improved.DLH are so cute,and an emotional favourite.I like all the AKB groups,H!P groups,ASE,and Sea☆a looked so happy when visiting Japan.

    Tonight I was actually listening to ライムベリー(rhymeberry) - HEY!BROTHER(ねえお兄ちゃん!)

  4. @ Neil ,you have two weeks ,so when your heart is ready vote . lol

    @ Everyone
    Apologies to fans, of any group large and small that we left off the list at some point we just had to decide and move forward.

    This award will return in 2012 with more groups , more categories ,the response we have had in the first few hours has been great and many battles in the votes are going on ,with leaders shifting by the hour .

    As a result we will do this every year; we will be adding the Independents and more for 2012.

    So if a group you like is missing this year, they may find a spot next year in our expanded awards.

  5. Ah,so maybe next year you will include the best subunit in AKB48,Yuko and Mayu (ω Sisters)
    The Oshirisisters!

    It's the best use of a W since NoNo and Aibon.

  6. I'm a HUGE Sakura Gakuin fan!!!! I found it amusing that both Sakura Gakuin and BABYMETAL were both in "The Most Underrated" category. I wish I could vote twice, so that I could include both Sakura Gakuin and...Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku. I love both of these young groups a lot! I have a blogspot blog too, "Doki-san's J-Pop Musings". Please check it out! I don't know if you are a member of Hello! Online, but anyone who is a fan of Sakura Gakuin, BABYMETAL and Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku is a friend of mine!!!

  7. @ DD Morning – I am living in Chiba, Japan so I am not a member of H!O ,Staff Member Meika is a member of H!O .

    Away from PIH I am in rock music ,so putting BABY METAL in the underrated is my way of saying I think they are cool and we support them.

    Any friend of idols or Japanese music is a friend of ours .

    Thanks for supporting us and come by anytime you like . 2012 will see us make a lot of changes on PIH and a lot of groups we haven’t covered or featured will get more coverage ,Gakuin ,Ebisu ,BABY METAL are on the list of groups that will see more time on PIH.

  8. Last day to vote is the 13th so get your votes in

    Thanks the votes have been great by everyone.

  9. I'm pretty sure that Heavy Rotation was released in 2010. . .

  10. @ Mina ,I didn`t select the 48`s PV`s but you are right .I guess Candy forgot . Can`t change it now all I can do is tell her that and discount the votes for it.

    Thanks for finding the error she made.


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