Friday, December 16, 2011


AKB0048 is the name for the upcoming AKB48 inspired anime. AKB0048 is set in a setting of the 21st Century as a great interplanetary war has taken place over technology and resources. As results of this conflict the people of Earth have scattered and started over .To celebrate this new birth a new calendar was created and the first year was recorded as Star Calendar 00.
The new “Super Galactic Alliance” government declares that all types of idol music and entertainment in general is corrupting the minds of its citizens and sets out to end idol genre and entertainment that is not government controlled . Any violations of the law are harshly dealt with.

With all idol groups disbanded the hearts of the population drift into darkness and loss of hope.
One idol group will rise up to face this new ruling power .This idol unit is called AKB0048 .Quickly the government declares them enemies of the state for inheriting the legendary spirit of AKB48 who`s spirit and greatness once shined as a light of hope for the world.

AKB0048 rise and desire to bring back this light of hope by holding underground concerts is seen as a direct threat to the new government who fear that AKB0048 will grow into goddesses and take over the rule of the alliance.

Because of the governments new orders to stop AKB0048 at all costs and their growing popularity an armed struggle develops between the rulers of the alliance and AKB0048 who have declared themselves defenders of light and hope by uniting the people scattered across the stars as one heartbeat and rise the spirit of idols again.

By Star Calendar year 0048 the group has announced their nine members of their 77th generation, who are the anime`s main focus. These nine will set out to keep the traditions of AKB0048 and its idol legends alive, and bring “stars of hope” to the entire universe.

I have to admit this is different from what I was expecting and is something worth checking out.
The show will debut spring 2012.


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