Saturday, December 24, 2011

Momoiro Clover providing theme song for "Moretsu Uchuu Kaizoku"

The 5 member idol girl group, Momoiro Clover Z has the job of providing a theme song for the upcoming anime "Moretsu Uchuu Kaizoku". At the preview event for "Moretsu Uchuu Kaizoku", which was held in Shinjuku Wald 9, Momoiro Clover Z were appointed as surprise guest. Momoiro Clover Z also revealed that these songs will be released March 7th as their newest single, "Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyoukyoku Dainana Gakushou ‘Mugen no Ai'" Stayed tuned for Momoiro Clover Z's upcoming single!

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  1. My favourite Idol group,always so happy and genki on stage.My favourite member is little Momoka,who for such a lively lot can seem quite
    at times,but then bursts into excited fast chatter!


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