Sunday, December 11, 2011

AKB48 Newswire

AKB48 Newswire

AKB48`S Watanabe Mayu has landed her own late night TV Tokyo Drama .The drama`s related details have yet to be published outside of it being related to a school will debut on January 13.

Disclaimer-Photo is not related in any way to the drama

In other news

Ota Aika & Hirajima Natsumi have landed starring roles in the upcoming movie “X Game 2”

“X Game 2” is a follow up horror film to the 2010 released “X Game” . The basic storyline of this series is girls who are bullied ,end up seeking revenge on their attackers .

For their roles both Ota and Hirajima are ordered to receive corporal punishment .In order to escape this punishment ,they must face a punishing series of survival challenges .

The film will come to theaters next spring.

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