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LinQ is the fastest rising Indies group in idol genre today having only made their debut on April 17 and securing a record contract with Tower Records new idol label T-Palette Records shortly after their debut .T-Palette which started in June by the way is run by Minewaki Ikuo who is a self- professed "wota" and a ranking official of Tower Records is also one of the fastest rising labels in  idol genre with a number of groups nationwide under contract.

LinQ are from Fukuoka and before Aki-P decided to put another 48 in their backyard had joined with several other Fukuoka groups to become the dominate idol groups in Kyushu .
The name LinQ comes from the groups desire to link all of Kyushu in energetic idol love and to make Fukuoka a city of idol culture .

When LinQ was created in February 2011  when a total of 1,162 girls auditioned ranging from the age of 12-24 .After the original roster was selected the group made their debut on April 17 and started to perform lives around Fukuoka and surrounding towns.

In June the group released their debut Indies single ,which resulted in Kyushu media and companies signing the group to endorsements and public appearances around the region.
The success of their debut also attracted attention in the center of the idol world Tokyo .This attention has resulted in the group becoming more active in Tokyo and the landing of a record contract with T-Palette to distribute their releases nationwide through Tower Records.

LinQ is one unit that you should keep a watch on ,if T-Palette is to be a major player in the idol genre it just maybe LinQ who leads the charge.

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  1. i was watching a ive show of them on youtube and is very nice, they have good songs too.. mmm T-Palette needs to organize a concert with their groups only, they have very good taents.

  2. T-Palette has all the makings of a great label


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