Tuesday, December 27, 2011

AKB48 Sashihara Rino to Star in First Drama

Current AKB48 member, Sashihara Rino, will star in her first drama, "Muse no Kagami". The drama will be aired in the Kanto region of Japan. Fukuda Yuichi will also take part in the drama along with Sashihara-san.

The role that Sashihara will play will be a girl who has nothing to recommend her. She will then get discovered by "Okita Ryu" and she starts to grow into a great actress.

Sashihara also states to her fans "To star in drama series for the first time, I feel full of anxiety about my acting, but I will try my best so that I wouldn’t have to bother my co-stars. I’m looking forward to see how the world of Fukuda-san will come out!!!"

The drama "Muse no Kagami" will be aired on Janurary 14th, 2012 every Saturday from 1:55am-2:10am. Please stay tuned~

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