Sunday, December 4, 2011


Rising out of the famous Hiroshima Actors School [home of Perfume ,Riho of Morning Musume , Manaminorisa and others] comes MMJ.

MMJ have been called by Hiroshima media the AKB48 of Hiroshima and to a certain degree they are as they are the top group in Hiroshima and the surrounding region. MMJ are inspired in a way by looking up the moe ,uniform ,big unit dance abilities of AKB48 ,much in the same way rock bands have been influenced for decades by Led Zeppelin.

Being influenced , inspired by is much different than sticking a 48 after your name and being more or less a cover group and in this case MMJ`s feelings should be viewed as a complement to AKB48`s success.

Coming from such a respected school ,the expectations for the group to be talented are very high and the group meets those expectations .
Their one drawback that will likely keep them from being national idols is that all the members are 21 and over .

However given their local activities schedule and media and endorsement demands ,staying home may not be a bad thing for MMJ.

Their debut single will be released December 11
PV teaser

Live version

Outdoor Live [yes they do covers of the 48`s songs ,all Indies starting out with limited songs do]

MMJ YouTube

USTREAM W/Archived shows

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